It just so happens to be my birthday today… and I have a gift for YOU!

As I am transitioning into my new job as an HS Spanish teacher, I’ve encountered a delightful yet problematic issue I did not face as a university instructor: I have my very own classroom for the first time! *happydance*

The problematic part is that I don’t exactly have classroom interior design money in the ol’ family budget. So, long story short, lemons becoming lemonade, I created a series of posters of my own, based on quotes that I liked. I’m sharing them with you all now, so you can also have a cost-efficient (um, i.e. free) way to bring some brightness to your classroom.

These are all designs I just roughly cobbled together in Photoshop (though the last “Keep Calm” one is clearly just a replication of a poster I saw online…), so feel free to use them however you like; just don’t try to sell them! That would violate some of the typographer’s creative rights, I believe. Click on a poster to see it larger. Then, in the shadowbox view, right click the image to save it to your computer. Enjoy! I know that they are certainly going to add a lot of color to my windowless room!

Classroom, Freebies

A birthday gift from me to you!


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